Day 12 .... May .... 8 Sedburgh to Ribbleshead .... 15 miles

DHW leaves Sedburgh by the southeast corner of town, over New Bridge and up past several farms onto Frostrow Fell and Long Moor while skirting Holebeck Gill. This route is northeast of the Dales Way and at a considerably higher elevation. Oh drats, my camera card is full and I can’t get it to reverse through past photos to erase the bad ones. I’ll have to work on it later.

As I descend towards Barth Bridge, I stopped to chat with the old farmer at Lunds Farm, a lively and curious sort of fellow although hobbled by a lame leg. Coming into Dent, I pass fields of campers acting like its another bank holiday weekend. Dent is such a picturesque little village, too bad my camera is acting up. Leaving Dent, I joined the Dales Way to Bridge End, then started a long trek on a rocky path gradually ascending onto the moors. The weather is calmer than yesterday but, as I approach Wold End, there are low hanging clouds covering the top of Whernside which looms beside me, getting closer and closer. Since Sedburgh, this route has been waymarked as the Craven Way, an old packhorse route very important in olden days.

Wow, here they come whizzing off Wold End, the two cyclists I met in the Howgills yesterday, today with a third buddy. So fast they can’t stop but give me a big wave and hello. They are definitely having a good week. I know my son would love to be riding with them.

Descending from Wold End, I came to the Carlisle-Settle Railroad and Blea Moor Siding with its beautifully restored signal box and, a little further on, the iconic 24 arch Ribbleshead Viaduct. I wandered under the viaduct, rubbing my hands over the stone arches, marveling at their artistry and engineering and contemplating the enormous amount of human energy and suffering expended. Oh, how I wish my camera was on duty.

Its only a short walk to the Station Inn where they are expecting me. I arrived at 3:30, had two cups of tea, a coffee and a shower, then down to the bar for a pint of Hobgoblin ale. Friendly barkeep and patrons, everyone seems to be here for day walks. One guy has a Helms Deep teeshirt. He got it from a friend who was on movie location in New Zealand. If you don’t know what movie it is, I can’t help you because I don't know it either, but it's supposed to be famous.

Later, I had a vegetable lasagna, salad and pint of Old Peculiar, then tucked in for the night. This is the second time I have been here. The food is not as good as last time but they still have a superior selection of real ales. There is something about the Station Inn - I really like this place and would go out of my way to stay again.

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