Day 6 .... May 2 .... Appleby to Shap .... 17 miles

Breakfast at 8 am was porridge, sausage and eggs with toast and fruit. I’m cutting out some of the extraneous food. My clothes were nicely washed, no charge. I have forgiven the episode of last night and in good spirits. I’m off by 8:50. This will be a 17 mile day of relatively easy walking, no mountains or ridges, hopefully not boring.

I forgo the short walk from Bongate to the path over the footbridge - I wanted to walk through town since I didn’t have time to look around yesterday thanks to my forgetful host. I think I'm still little steamed about it, but I'll walk it out.

Appleby Town Center

A truly beautiful main street leads up and around the castle. I followed the River Eden most of the way to Great Ormside crossing numerous stiles with doggie doors. This is apparently an upper class path that caters to their dogs.

Old Sycamore Tree In Great Ormside

A giant sycamore with a church behind is a main attraction of Great Ormside. From here it's mostly a road walk to Rutter Force and the old mill, now a tourist shop. A couple took my photo on the footbridge over Hoff Beck.

Rutter Force And Mill

Gregg On Footbridge Over Hoff Beck

On to Great Asby (I keep thinking Great Gatsby), then due west on a track across sheep country and a greenway to Crosby Ravensworth. I’ve had superb views of the Pennines all along the way, but they are too far to get a decent photo. At 1 pm, I stopped for lunch at a disused sheep fold across from Gaythorne Hall. What a peaceful spot for a rest!

Sheepfold Near Gaythorne Hall

From Crosby Ravensworth, its cross country over the moors and limestone pavement country. I found two old stone circles along the way, then an old stone quarry filled with water, quite beautiful in the slanting sunlight. Limestone pavement covers the hillside.

Limestone Pavement Near Hardendale

Two Curious Fellows

I crossed the M6 on a footbridge and dropped down into Shap at 4:30 pm. New Ing Lodge is at the top end of town, a big old stone building - lodge aptly describes it. I had a large airy room with double bed, very clean, shower and toilet across the hall. With a friendly staff, it's almost a hostel atmosphere but with all the amenities of a B&B. I decided to eat here. The vegetable lasagna and salad were excellent with a complimentary drink. Three C2C’ers are camping out back and ate dinner with me. They are struggling with packs much too large along with attendant foot problems. They are beat and plan to turn in early. I went to the pub for a pint of Wainwright Ale and two other guys from dinner joined me. They stayed for a second pint and I went back to the lodge. It's a very cold wind blowing tonight, glad I’m not in a tent.

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