Arrival in Glasgow

After an overnight flight and changing planes at Heathrow, I finally set foot in downtown Glasgow at 14:00, Sept 17. My main objective here was to get acquainted with one of my heroes, Glasgow’s premier designer, Charles Rennie McIntosh. I got information at the TIC and made plans to tour his Glasgow Art School tomorrow morning before meeting the group when they arrive about noon. I checked into Euro Hostel, wandered the streets to get a feeling for the city, ate dinner at Wetherspoon’s, then crashed at the hostel.

Eleven hours of good sleep, I needed it. At breakfast, 26 selections of coffee. Talked to a couple from Victoria, B.C. here for a folk song get-together. Stored my backpack and scooted over to the Glasgow Art School for its 10:00 tour. What a wonderful tour by a fourth year student. Marvellous interior designs by Rennie and also his wife, Margaret McDonald. Windows, doors, stairs, furniture, every detail designed by them. These two were a great inspiration for Frank Lloyd Wright and other arts and crafts style architects.

Rennie's Art School

Met the gang at Queen St. Station, right on time. While Naomi and Chris ate, Peter and I went back to the Euro Hostel to pick up my backpack, then took the long way back to show him a little of the city. We missed our train to Milngavie by 30 sec, Chris was lagging behind, but another train came along in 20 min. A little rain was falling, typical Scotland weather. Baby Braylon was sleeping all the way. Luckily, this will be typical. We settled into our b&b, Best Foot Forward, a nice and roomy place and Morag, our host, was very friendly and helpful.

While Chris and Braylon slept, Naomi, Peter and I went into town for maps, PO phone cards, backpack strap repair and a pint of ale at Cross Keys Pub. McEwen ale, nearly like a stout, was exceptional. Later, Chris and I went back to the pub and had chicken tikka and shrimp salad and McEwen’s again, same table. Staff did a double take!

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