Sat April 25 To Home

I finished checkout by 7:25 and slipped into the dining room as the first customer. A wonderful buffet was set up so I allowed myself ten minutes to eat, then took coffee, croissants and an apple for the train. The train trip took only two hours, then an unexpectedly long trip on the tube to Heathrow. There was an emergency evacuation in the underground (terrorist scare?) so I had to walk down to the next tube station . Luckily, I had allowed myself plenty of time. At United check-in, they offered me $800 in flight coupons and a business class seat to Chicago if I would give up my seat. It would mean an extra eight hours in layovers, so I reluctantly declined, then wished I hadn’t.

My seat mate was a Chinese woman, born and raised in Singapore, married to a Frenchman, lives in England, meeting her husband in San Francisco for a vacation in Hawaii and has a two year old daughter who speaks three languages, often interchangeably. What a world, eh!

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