Day 10: Friday April 24 Sedbergh to Leeds

Anne loves to chat - about everything from wine to railroads to the history of Sedbergh, home of a famous prep school. After a very good breakfast, I walked into town to take the bus to the Kirby Stephens RR station. The bus was 15 minutes late and that made me very worried. I had to catch that train! At the station, I met the superintendent who was ready with a camera to video a special steam train coming through in two minutes. I got my camera ready and it was by in a flash, but I got the photo, also one of my train a few minutes later. A nice train ride through the Dales, passing many parts of my walk, everyone stretching their necks to see the viaducts.

Steam train passing Kirkby Stephens RR Station

In Leeds, the TIC was able to place me in the Hilton for only 37 pounds with breakfast. Was this a special tourist rate? My sightseeing priorities included the 1860’s iron buildings of the Corn Exchange with it’s marvelous dome and Kirkgate Market, a huge indoor market. Both are great examples of innovative iron architecture, a heritage of the great iron bridge technology at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. They were fascinating! I then paid homage to the famous Whitlocks Pub which possibly has the largest selection of real ales found anywhere. What did I have? Something with an odd name!! It was very crowded on a Friday evening, lots of craick! Then an Italian dinner on Briggate St. and back to the hotel to get ready for the train tomorrow and plane flight home. Breakfast opens at 7:30, but I leave on the 8:05 train. How fast can I eat?

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