DAY 14 ...ALONG THE COAST... 2009

Sunrise at Robin Hoods Bay (By B&K)

RHB TO Scarborough ... 15 Miles
On this last walk day, I followed the coast path to Scarborough to catch the train to York. It rained again but the coast was sparkling and beautiful. Seagulls are flying all over as well as insects like giant midges. One got bloody as I dug it out of my ear. Now I'm meeting more walkers, crossing ravine after ravine, way down and back up onto the cliffs. I met a walking group of 12 pensioners and, after they questioned me, told them I was 71 years old, had just finished the C2C yesterday in 13 days and couldn't stop walking. They all loved it and gave me a round of applause with cheers. It felt like when I was cycling in France 45 years ago, speeding downhill past a country store, and a group of men cheered me as I sped past.

Halfway To Scarborough

It was off and on rain for the rest of the walk. When there was no rain, a bit of sun seeped through illuminating the fields of rape on one side and turbulent sea waters on the other. I see the path that branches off to Helmsley, then reach Scarborough's promenade. Signs point to town center and the railroad station. Its 3pm.

Field Of Rape

I walked into Scarborough to the train station, hopped the train to York and took the bus to the large hostel in Waters End. Only top bunk beds were left in the dorm room, but after hearing my groan, a nice young lad promptly offered to exchange bunks. I was very grateful.

After a shower and a dinner of lasagne and veggies in the hostel dining room, I found a friendly pub down the street, The Old Gray Mare. It had Timothy Taylors Landlords and several other good ales as well as an interesting clientele. A fitting end to the walk. Tomorrow, its an early train to London and a BA flight home to California, quick and easy, easier than my trip home three years ago with a broken ankle and orthopedic boot.

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